Gordon Arnold

Gordon Arnold is on the vanguard of bringing the cello back to the forefront of community dance music. He does so not only with the heart wrenching beauty that only the cello can render, but also with modern slap, funk, and groove that gets up under the dance floor and shakes the hall.

Gordon is also an award winning claw hammer banjo player. The band leans on him for old time music when Irish tunes are just too intellectual.

Gordon is an expert in cryptography and his password is 1234. He can nearly always be found in the relentless pursuit of the finest things in life, when he is not mired in the sublime.

Gordon’s Instruments

  • Cape Breton cello by Otis A. Tomas
  • Luis & Clark carbon fiber cello
  • Taylor guitar
  • Tim Currin 5-string minstrel banjo

3 thoughts on “Gordon Arnold

  1. Hello Gordon,
    Remember me?
    How are things going with you? Larry McCallin found your name on this website. All of us from the West Chester University days would like to get together some time.

    Best Regards,
    Michael and Larry (and “Charlotte the Harlot”)

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